Engineering & Design

In addition to designing and producing the highest quality circular scoring knives, Portage Knife has the ability to create other innovative solutions for the converting industry. Examples of our previous design initiatives are:

Pneumatic Holder Lube Arm-Our pneumatic holder lube arm design is produced out of 6061-T651 heat treated structural commercial grade aluminum ASTM-B209 and helps remove excessive adhesive from the blade during the cutting of adhesive tapes.

Zipper Blades-The unique Zipper knife that we designed acts as an inline pinker. It leaves easily tearable points along the straight cut that it produces. You can find this blade under our Specialty Knives.

Crack and Peel Blades-We developed our exclusive Crack and Peel knives to cut through the backing of a multi-layered material such as a sticker without touching the base layer. You can find this blade under our Specialty Knives.

Pneumatic Air Cylinder-Our custom engineered pneumatic air cylinder has much higher tensile strength than the normal air cylinder produced with zinc casting. They accept an input of 125 PSI+ into our blue version 1/2″ air cylinder and 150 PSI+ into our red version 20mm. This compares to the 90 PSI maximum input for the standard zinc cylinder.

Because these specialty air cylinders are machined and held to tighter tolerances they have a thicker wall thickness versus the zinc casting holder that has a tapered wall due to the mold draft needed.

Our Red and Blue version cylinders have a stylish appearance and can be laser etched with your logo and specifications for a small additional cost.